Edinburgh to London by Train


We checked out of the Old Convent on our last day in Scotland. We tracked back toward Edinburgh, taking a different route than the one we arrived by. This route took us through the very edges of the Cairngorms National Park. I found the landscape to be interesting; it is best described as “lumpy.” I’d definitely like to spend more time in this park the next time I’m in Scotland.


Upon arrival in Edinburgh, we returned the car to the airport and took the Airlink to Waverly Station. I took the above photo of the castle from the bus. We spent our last few hours in Edinburgh stocking up on souvenirs and people and dog watching at the train station. Pretty sure my husband and I are ready to move to Scotland due to their acceptance of dogs practically everywhere. Dogs go on the train for half price!


I had reserved our train tickets on Virgin trains months in advance. At the recommendation of the Seat61 website, I booked tickets on the left (east) side of the train because this offered views of the coast. He has a play-by-play of the trip which pointed out sights to see from the window along the way. His journey traveled in the opposite direction, starting in London, so I followed our position on Google Maps on our iPad and kept an eye out for the sights he mentioned.


We passed right by this castle in Newcastle.


I loved to watch the little towns go by as we chugged down the tracks. I caught this quiet little street. Kind of reminds me of Privet Drive.


A highlight for me was capturing this sign at the half way point between Edinburgh and London. I had Brian look out for the sign ahead of us, and as soon as he saw it, held my finger on the shutter and took a burst of photos .



We arrived to Kings Cross Station after 8pm, excited to make our way to our apartment. Before leaving the station to head to the Tube, we made a little pit stop to see Platform 9 3/4 (see my earlier post about that).


We settled in to our apartment, on the 11th floor of a high rise south of the river. From the balcony we could see over to the central part of the city. Closer by was a cricket stadium and we fell asleep to the sounds of the crowds cheering their teams.


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